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June 27, 2011


Anticipation & party preparation is half the fun.  To simplify decorations, create classy, cute reusable linens & pennant streamers:

A project for any holiday that conserves resources & relieves right brain energies.  Plus, engaging in traditions solidifies family connections.


  1. decide on runner & napkin size, & pennant quantity 
  2. have fun searching for fabrics!  (3 or 5 or 7 different yet coordinating – the yardage depends on #1, typically 1/2 to 1 yard per fabric will do, with runner requiring more)
  3. cut & hem runner & napkins
  4. for pennant streamers purchase ribbon or rope/cording – think about where the streamers may go, measure accordingly to calculate how much to purchase
  5. cut fabrics into triangles or diamonds (same size or varied) with pinking shears
  6. place & space pennant triangles on ribbon, fold ribbon over flat edge & sew (the ribbon width will be halved for this method)
  7. OR,  fold diamond over ribbon or cord & sew on to ribbon or right next to cord (using zipper foot)
June 23, 2011

gourmet display

Favorite restaurants & travel memories in one.  A personal & guest favorite in our kitchen.

Tips & ideas: 

  • using the same color matte helps to unify the grouping
  • similar picture content relaxes the eyes
  • two different frame colors make the piece not as predictable nor terribly inconsistent
  • climbing pictures up a wall close to the ceiling adds drama
  • fond memories bring out good moods
  • if picture placement is not your forte, try a kit like this* 
  • if you purchase frames, cut out paper to size to test arrangement on wall prior to creating holes


June 22, 2011

clear thoughts

Plexiglass!  Where the potential to be creative, organized or welcoming awaits.

  • blank canvas atop a kid’s desk, doodle & dream with dry erase markers
  • pictures or memorabilia slipped underneath
  • placed in a frame & hung on wall for messaging
  • welcoming piece for parties

Found in most hardware stores where, typically, they will cut to size.

June 20, 2011

happy boards

Injecting a little happy in a room never hurts.  See a fabric that releases endorphins??  Maybe it’s perfect for this project:


  1. glue (basic white glue) rolled cork onto foam core (cut to frame size) – place heavy object on top while drying to prevent curling
  2. cut quilt padding 2″ wider than cork piece, use spray adhesive to adhere to front, pull padding around all sides, tape excess to back
  3. place fabric over top, pull taut all around, secure edges to backside with hot glue or tape
  4. put happy board in frame – voila!

 Additional tips: 

  • make sure the board is thick enough for tacks
  • add ribbons crisscross or straight
  • check fabric orientation prior to finishing step 3
June 17, 2011

sweet magnet board

Cheap, officy, yawner magnet board?  Or pretty cheap, ultra cute, & home wall worthy?  hmmmm……


  1. find right frame for room decor – pictured:  frame only (ie. no glass) at Hobby Lobby on a 50% off day
  2. locate a sheet metal shop for custom cut (our 22″x28″ ran $10)
  3. secure metal into frame
  4. attach to wall with appropriate hardware

Option 2:  purchase sheet metal piece at big box store, then find frame to size

June 15, 2011

inside job

Door seeking strong hinges.  Using the unseen side of a door as storage or message posting makes great use of vertical square footage.

  • attach cork stripes with double-sided tape
  • hang magnet &/or bulletin board (hollow doors require an anchor)
  • use s-hooks for keys or hanging whatever
  • heavy-duty magnetic clips for papers
  • over the door shoe storage for hats, scarves, mittens (transparent = easy find)
  • over the door pockets for toys, doll clothes, accessories

“Your dwelling is a physical manifestation of your psyche; changes to the home reflect changes to the self.”  ~ Carl Jung

June 14, 2011

polka dot desk take 2

Pink walls out, blue walls in.  The whimsical dot desk sports a slightly new look.  Room re-dos do not necessarily equal complete overhauls.  Tweaking what currently works in the room saves time & money. 

Here is the first color combo:

Take 2: 

  • sand the polka dots
  • paint on new color
June 10, 2011

funky bistro cushions

Not boring or frumpy or chintzy, nor country crafty or jeez that looks homemade:


  • buy ready to go cushions – cutting foam with an electric knife….difficult!
  • make your own piping – above: black vinyl w/embossed dots
  • pairing wild with traditional strikes balance by showing restraint & pizzazz
June 9, 2011

wine cork board

Cheers to repurposing!


  1. cut thin, sturdy piece of plywood to frame size (confirm frame joints are strong for holding a heavy interior)
  2. set wood in frame & create design – corks were halved with serrated knife (tedious but flat side glues well)
  3. use wood glue sticks in glue gun to adhere corks to board
  4. secure cork creation into frame 
June 7, 2011

accordion action

Uses for accordion folders:

  • monthly receipts
  • paper bill keeper
  • coupon sorter
  • children’s paper project storage
  • art keepsake portfolio
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