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July 19, 2011

knob job

Have any old wooden levels collecting dust?  Wainscoting pieces, table leaves, old boards, etc.?  Attach knobs or hooks for instant vertical storage with character.

  Supplies for pictured project:

  • old wooden level (found at antique store)
  • 5 crystal knobs
  • five 3/4″ metal bushings
  • five 2″ screws (length depends on thickness of level)
  • two 3″ (length could vary) brass wood screws


  1. determine knob placement, drill pilot holes
  2. thread screw through knob, then bushing, then screw into level (squirt a dab of wood glue in hole for added strength)
  3. secure level to wall through the front & into studs


July 11, 2011

tray chic

Clear surfaces bring mental peace.  Use trays to temporarily contain activities or projects until completion.  Options include:

  • cookie sheets
  • cardboard box lids
  • store-bought stackables, wire baskets
  • decoupage: 

“Creation is a better means of self-expression than possession; it is through creating, not possessing, that life is revealed.”    ~ Vida D. Scudder

July 9, 2011

make gravy

Gramma simply knows how to cook.  For those who need written recipes, forget the old recipe box & try a recipe notebook. 

  • find a sturdy 3-ring binder with pockets on inside front & back covers
  • purchase sheet protectors & photo sleeves in different sizes to accommodate different recipe sizes
  • sort recipes & make a category list
  • write category titles on sticky tabs – place on the beginning page of each category
  • insert recipes, file, cook! 

“Away is good, but home is best.”  ~Gramma Alve

July 7, 2011

painted border #2

Pottery Barn catalog circa early 2000’s inspired the following border (click on picture for larger view):

To view directions:

(brush:  no. 2 flat)  (colors pictured:  Folk Art 645 basil green, 413 pink, 633 baby pink)

July 4, 2011

freedom runner

Why table runners work:

  • easy to make
  • inexpensive
  • adds enough decoration without overwhelming
  • messy eaters can eat on un-runner sides
  • length versatility (ie. functions with table expanded as well)
  • creative opportunities abound


  1. figure out length & width prior to fabric shopping
  2. fabrics – machine washable is best, consider using a different fabric for reverse (runner shown has navy with small white star print on backside)
  3. after pre-washing, cut to size (piecing might be necessary), sew right sides together leaving a 5″ opening (reinforce with back-stitching on each side of opening), then turn right side out
  4. tuck in the seams on the opening, iron, top stitch all around perimeter (use zig zag or other fancy stitches if desired)
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