chalk talk

Revisiting the chalkboard in the home idea today.  The first post regarding chalkboards can be found in the ‘wall works’ category or here:

Not sure what we’d do without our kitchen chalkboard!  They’re also super fun in kids’ rooms:

To find cute chalkboard options in the Kansas City area, try Vintage Market in Zona Rosa, Found (Parkville), Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.  Of course, there’s always the option to make your own!  Go to the link above for general instructions.

2 Comments to “chalk talk”

  1. I love chalkboards! (Or any reusable writing surface that lets me leave notes.) In our world of hyper-communication, isn’t nice to be able to leave a simple smiley-face or “have a great day” for our sweeties to see as they walk out the door?

    • Totally agree! Leaving special messages on any day is just plain FUN & heartfelt. I could make a huge list of the benefits & uses of chalkboards in home hub areas. What I also like about chalkboards is the character they add to home spaces. White boards function well, but seem too office-like. Have a great day & thanks for your comments!

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