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October 27, 2011

spider runner

No live or dead spiders were actually used for the following project. 

Left-over formal black glittery velvet found at a thrift store transformed into a table runner!  The geometric pattern pieced together made a continuous design on the entire piece.  Very spideresque – eh?  Random pieces of black cotton were used for the backing & a zig-zag top-stitch sewed all around the perimeter.

The runner can also be used for New Year’s or “dark” birthdays…  But for Halloween, add web-like accessories like this silver bowl (yes, thrift shop purchase!):

Now, I need to enlist a crafty kid to make some egg carton spiders to crawl about…

Spiders Made Out of Egg Cartons


October 25, 2011

square covers

A simple quilt idea for doll beds:

Five different coordinating fabrics, 18 total squares (make them as large or tiny as you’d like), rectangle band at the ends, X quilt stitch pattern, & yarn fringe in the centers. 

A bit of math is involved to figure out sizing, then it’s on to cutting, fabric placement & sewing together.  Last, a flat sheet with satin ribbon edging & a sham pillow finishes the combo.

One more example:

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”  ~Charles R. Swindoll


October 21, 2011

spooky silhouette

October 2010, either Better Homes & Gardens or Family Circle magazine displayed a front door trick to try.  All it took was black poster board (Dollar Tree 2 for $1) & tape.  We followed the template idea offered in the magazine:

Since our door gets hot, the tape unstuck a bit & the poster board “grew”.  Freaky.  We used a combination of scotch tape & black electrical tape.

Maybe you want to trick-out your own front door with an original Halloween design?  We’re leaning toward bats, a broomstick & a witch hat for 2011…

“A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.” 

~ Erma Bombeck

October 20, 2011

java hugger

A fun little project for the coffee lovers out there:

  • use one of the disposable cardboard sleeves as a pattern
  • cut a little wider all around to account for seam allowances
  • orient the reverse fabric correctly before cutting

  • cut one piece of fusible interfacing & iron on to one of the fabric pieces
  • sew each section right sides together at short ends

Slide one into the other as the finished product will appear:

Finish edges with a simple hem, bias tape, zig-zag & let it fray, blanket stitch, etc..  I used a strip of old jeans sewing it to the edge & then folding over to finish with a straight stitch.  Denim ended up being a bit bulky, but it works.  The butterfly side has a “finished” look whereas the peace side is imperfect & will fray (character!).


October 7, 2011

monkey biz

Knotted edge fleece blankies for dolls – a simple project for kids, plus a wide range of creative options for all.

  • cut fleece pieces to desired size
  • apply appliques or decorations, use iron-on adhesive where possible 
  • flower above:  flannel with blanket stitch & button middles
  • monkey:  draw or find clip art, cut coordinating fabrics (ultra suede, button eyes, pink gingham cheeks), mixture of machine, blanket, straight & cross stitches (click pic for close-up view)
  • snip edges 1.5 – 2 inches deep, 1/2 inch wide all around
  • tie fringe in knots all around
  • ask Gramma to sew matching pj’s


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