java hugger

A fun little project for the coffee lovers out there:

  • use one of the disposable cardboard sleeves as a pattern
  • cut a little wider all around to account for seam allowances
  • orient the reverse fabric correctly before cutting

  • cut one piece of fusible interfacing & iron on to one of the fabric pieces
  • sew each section right sides together at short ends

Slide one into the other as the finished product will appear:

Finish edges with a simple hem, bias tape, zig-zag & let it fray, blanket stitch, etc..  I used a strip of old jeans sewing it to the edge & then folding over to finish with a straight stitch.  Denim ended up being a bit bulky, but it works.  The butterfly side has a “finished” look whereas the peace side is imperfect & will fray (character!).


2 Comments to “java hugger”

  1. This looks wonderful! I love the trimming! I have a ton of these unfinished – I think I should finish them up today!

    • Super! Store bought bias tape would work well, too, and be a bit thinner (compared to jeans) which would be easier to sew – or, as you probably know, you can make your own bias tape. Crafty! 🙂 Nearly endless options….have fun!

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