tree skirt

Know what a tablecloth for a Christmas tree skirt looks like?…  A tablecloth!!!  It was bringing down my Christmas spirit.  So, the following $7 solution began…

Two yards grey felt (72″ wide, finished edge not required), sparkly red vinyl, cream vinyl. 

To make large skirt circle, use embroidery thread (string or yarn) tied onto a straight pin & stick it in the felt.  Measure the distance you want (25″) then swivel the string around the perimeter marking with pins as you go.  When finished, double check measurements with a tape measure (shown) stretched out to 50″ with the 25″ in the center.  Cut the circle using the pins as a guide. 

To make a scalloped edge, use a plastic lid & paper to create a template:

Continue by making the template into a quadrant (tape paper together or use posterboard) so the scallops turn out even.  For me, an element of dumb luck happened in this step.  Lots of methods could work for the same solution.

Cut scallops half way around, then fold the skirt over, pin & cut the rest using the previously cut as the pattern.  Cut one slit up to the center point so the skirt can be easily placed around the tree bottom.  Add color & shine by using a circle cutter (OLFA  circle rotary cutter = fabulous) for dots all around:

Choose a glue that will dry clear & hold leather or vinyl.  Not too much time was spent on skirt embellishing because, unless you’ve been naughty, presents will be covering the whole skirt! 

“Nothing says holidays, like a cheese log.”  ~ Ellen DeGeneres

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