java hugger 2

A cheery coffee cozy for all seasons!  First, pick colors & fabrics:

  • felt, gray herringbone, purple flower cotton
  • purple embroidery thread
  • purple glitter ribbon

Draw a pattern using a cardboard coffee shop cozy.  Make it larger all around to account for additional fabric thickness.  Cut the felt & background fabric, & pin together.  Stitch the letters, then carefully cut out the top felt layer.  (letter design idea inspired by , featured in the book Signature Styles20 Stitchers Craft Their Look by Jenny Doh)

Trim the excess herringbone fabric on back side.  Pin squares of glitter ribbon on the back side of felt, stitch circles & cut the top felt layer.

Cut the cotton fabric backing & stitch witchery, & iron onto the reverse side.

Wrap around coffee cup, cut excess edges off, pin & blanket-stitch together:

A few other stitches may be necessary on the inside where the piece overlaps.  Bottoms up!

“I’d stop drinking coffee, but I’m no quitter.”  ~Author Unknown


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