heart hugger

Cheers to the hot drink lovers out there…

Made for a sweet friend, the two directions given were:  1.  favorite color is red, & 2. “I can’t commit to any words”…  As it turns out, giving creative license worked.  Whew!

Materials:  dark grey felt, sparkly red vinyl, red ric-rac, rich red small print cotton, & variegated embroidery thread.


  1. cut felt to sleeve size using cardboard pattern
  2. pin on ric-rac, sew
  3. stitch heart onto felt with light grey embroidery thread, covering ric-rac edge
  4. cut red cotton print 1/2″ wider on top & bottom edge – use completed heart hugger turned upside down on right side of red cotton as pattern
  5. fold under edges to match hugger, cut piece of iron-on adhesive, iron all pieces together
  6. blanket stitch top & bottom edges
  7. fit to size of coffee cup, pin, blanket stitch with black embroidery thread.

Total project time:  approximately 2 hours.  Less than half the time of previous java huggers with letters.

My friend’s heart hugger was so fun to make that I’ve made a couple more & posted them on Etsy.

Along with the other 13,000 coffee sleeves…

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