chair makeover

Think this $7 Goodwill chair has potential?…


  • unscrew seat from chair
  • remove layers (3!) of old seat fabric, plus flattened cushion
  • sand & prime chair
  • decide where chair will be in home, dream about color & fabric

The legs & front skirt have a groove…  Decision:  glossy khaki/grey with charcoal in the grooves, steely grey suede cushion fabric

Hard to tell in the picture, but I distressed the top half of the chair on some edges.  The feminine lines work well since it’s on the Mrs. side of the master bedroom.

Part 2 of the master bedroom re-do complete!  Total cost: $35

6 Responses to “chair makeover”

  1. Love the transformation! Did you use a staple gun when attaching the fabric to the chair? Where did you buy your cushion fillers?

    • yes – staple gun! I bought a foam square at Jo-Ann fabrics, traced around the wooden seat form (leaving 1/2″ or so extra all around), cut with scissors (it was not perfect!), used white canvas first – pulled taut all around & stapled, then attached the suede in same fashion. Night & day!! There are tons of chairs that need rescuing… 🙂 thanks for the comment!


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