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March 26, 2012

happy camper

Getting weary of dishes?  bathrooms?  floors?  Go camping to bring out the gratitude for civilization!

Truly a lovely, relaxing experience at Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks State Park.  (minus Nutty the mouse & Randy the…let’s just saybug)

The dogwoods were GORGEOUS.

For the campfire cooks, here are two winner dinners ~

Hobo packs:  ground beef, canned carrots + green beans + mushrooms, cut up potatoes, onions, salt & pepper

Why does everything taste better cooked over a campfire?

Jambalaya:  saute cut up turkey sausage (in butter), add chopped green pepper, onion, garlic, saute.  Add can of chopped tomatoes, chicken broth & rice pack (1 cup rice with salt, white pepper, black pepper, 2 bay leaves, oregano leaves, thyme leaves), cook for 20 min., add canned tiny shrimp.

“It is vain to do with more what can be done with less.”  ~ William of Occam (1300-1350)

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