inflammation nation

Please read this interesting article by Dr. Dwight Lundell about what really causes heart disease.  Until fairly recently, the medical community has attributed the causes (for most) of heart disease to high cholesterol & saturated fats where one would be prescribed drugs & a low-fat diet.  Dr. Lundell states, in a nut shell, that the main cause is inflammation of the arteries which causes cholesterol to not move freely throughout the body, therefore creating plaque build-up on the artery wall.

Lots of things can cause inflammation – stress, environmental toxins, bodily reactions to internal imbalances due to allergies, injury, bacteria, virus, &/or fungus (oh my), or diet & lifestyle.

Points to remember:

  • cells can only hold a certain amount of sugar
  • extra sugar attaches to certain proteins which then act as “sandpaper” to the blood vessel wall causing…inflammation
  • consuming processed foods with overloads of omega-6 fats (soybean, corn, sunflower oils) create an imbalance with omega-3 fats within cells which create…inflammation
  • excess weight causes overloaded fat cells to secrete pro-inflammatory chemicals

Well.  How about we experiment in reducing inflammation?  Here’s the game plan:

  • return foods to their natural state
  • say no to processed foods, no to stress
  • yes to butter (preferably from grass-fed cows) & olive oil
  • yes to fruits & veggies
  • yes to moderation, healthy body weight, exercise, water

“Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.”  ~Redd Foxx

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