mission accomplished

The arbitrary, self-imposed goal of blogging daily (minus weekends & vacations) for one year has been reached!

  • 255 posts
  • 6,385 views all-time
  • 765 tags…good grief.
  • 26 followers – awww shucks, y’all are sweet

Now…shall the blog a day continue…?  hmmm…   Inspiration drives motivation, therefore:

inspiration = a blog post

Comments welcome.

“Only in testing do people discover the nature and depth of their character.  People can say anything they want about their values, but when the pressure is on, they discover what their values really are.”  ~ John Maxwell

6 Comments to “mission accomplished”

  1. Keep going! I really enjoy your posts, friend!

  2. Congrats! it has been a joy to follow! I look forward to more inspiration. 🙂

  3. Congrats on achieving your goal. Did you start it in honor of my bday? Hee Hee.

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