diet doctrine

Food & drink have been celebratory mechanisms for gatherings & parties for hundreds of years.  Here’s why it is becoming a problem now:

  • the abundance of accessible food
  • the ready-made processed shelf foods are easy to purchase & serve
  • the caloric content is unrealized (glazed donut = 255 calories)
  • people & parents find it hard to say “no” in a crowd

Well meaning groups contribute to the issue as laid out in the following article:  The Obesity Epidemic in American Churches

Especially concerning to parents ~ Who typically makes a dash for the Sunday morning donuts or the birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve service?…  Maybe we should thank groups for providing plenty of teachable moments.

How about a…

  • produce potluck
  • pedometer party
  • fruity fellowship
  • small plate party

“Childhood obesity is best tackled at home through improved parental involvement, increased physical exercise, better diet & restraint from eating.”  ~ Bob Filner

3 Comments to “diet doctrine”

  1. Is the food and drink at celebratory occasions the problem or is it just the icing on the cake? I think that kids are fat because they eat snacks all day long and then drink drink boxes and kool aid and soda, and milkshakes, and slurpees. If kids are only allowed to drink water and are made to wait until meal times to eat, they won’t be fat even if they have too much at celebrations. I should know. I don’t have fat kids. Well, I don’t got to celebrations every single day of my life either.

    • Great point you make, supporting the idea from the quote on the post that parents & home life are truly the key to creating & modeling a healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, the celebration piece is the icing & part of the problem. Especially in schools where healthy nutrition is taught, & in churches where the “body is a temple” is preached. Hello irony! In the end, we can only control ourselves & hope our kids learn & choose well. Thanks for your comment!!

  2. Re: your suggestions – alliteration a celebration does not make. I want cheese.

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