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May 4, 2012

master makeover

The master bedroom is a work in progress.  The long turn-around due to… this “frugal minded” & super patient chick who will NOT put just anything in the house!

Here’s the transformation on the wifey side of the room – snore bore matchy dresser before:


All that for less than $150.  Sold the old dresser on Craig’s List for $150, bought the new for $150, chair $35, mirror $50 Hobby Lobby, lamp $25 Target, dogwood picture (moi) $5 winkflash, frame $25 Kohl’s.  The double frame – $1 thrift shop – actually has b/w family pics but for the blog, scrapbook paper.

Blue painter tape helped in deciding where to hang pictures & mirror.  Originally, a shelf was in the plan, but the balance seemed…off.

Of course, fresh flowers are a must

“Design is the method of putting form & content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”  ~ Paul Rand

September 23, 2011

chalk talk

Revisiting the chalkboard in the home idea today.  The first post regarding chalkboards can be found in the ‘wall works’ category or here:

Not sure what we’d do without our kitchen chalkboard!  They’re also super fun in kids’ rooms:

To find cute chalkboard options in the Kansas City area, try Vintage Market in Zona Rosa, Found (Parkville), Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.  Of course, there’s always the option to make your own!  Go to the link above for general instructions.

August 29, 2011

artist angles

The bulldog clip post in wall works from May 16th  ( wins the clicks count.  So, check out the new picture angles below + ideas for where to place art displays in your home.  The fridge is begging for mercy.  Before (yaaaawn…):


The wall space is in a landing area – a few steps down, square landing, then turn right for the remaining flight.  The pictures above are taken from the main floor, a person faces the display as they’re coming up the stairs from the basement.  The area is approximately 5 1/2 ‘ x 9 1/2’ – what an excellent use of dead vertical space!  (if I do say so myself…)

Other art display location ideas:

  • behind doors in kids’ rooms
  • garage walls
  • laundry room walls
  • transition areas, similar to example above
  • any blank wall – but don’t go crazy…keep some walls empty for the zen effect
August 25, 2011

magnet board +

The piece below has been in operation for nearly 8 years, moving from toddler to tween with ease.


  1. find a large frame (shown -thrift shop, $7) with approx. 3/8″ deep inset
  2. cut a piece of  1/4″ plywood to frame size
  3. attach french board portion using batting, fabric, ribbon, staple gun &  glue
  4. nail or glue separation wood strip or trim
  5. use construction adhesive (caulk gun tube) to adhere a piece of sheet metal (sized to remaining area) to plywood, make top edge flush to wood separation piece
  6. secure into frame, attach to wall – finished product is heavy!  Use appropriate hardware for a safe usage.


  • use wall space behind a door – floor to near ceiling
  • other possible combos – dry erase, bulletin board, bulldog clips
  • if ribbons get saggy, glue them at intersections & disguise with button, or use a deep, unmovable tack
August 3, 2011

lean look

Resting framed photos or art against a wall creates a casual, relaxed feel.  Plus, there’s no hole commitment threatening to last for years.  Shelving options abound, or simply use the top surface of a piece of furniture. 

Directions for pictured shelf:

  1. purchase 3 boards at whatever length (shown is 2′) – back board 1/2″ thick & 3 1/2″ tall, ledge board 3/4″ x 2 1/2″, front lip board 3/8″ x 1 1/2″
  2. using nails or brads & wood glue connect the back board flush with the ledge board’s top surface, let dry
  3. attach front lip to ledge facing, raising the lip piece 1/4″ up to be used as a “stop” for display items
  4. sink front nail holes & fill with wood filler
  5. prime & paint shelves
  6. secure directly onto wall through back piece & into studs
July 19, 2011

knob job

Have any old wooden levels collecting dust?  Wainscoting pieces, table leaves, old boards, etc.?  Attach knobs or hooks for instant vertical storage with character.

  Supplies for pictured project:

  • old wooden level (found at antique store)
  • 5 crystal knobs
  • five 3/4″ metal bushings
  • five 2″ screws (length depends on thickness of level)
  • two 3″ (length could vary) brass wood screws


  1. determine knob placement, drill pilot holes
  2. thread screw through knob, then bushing, then screw into level (squirt a dab of wood glue in hole for added strength)
  3. secure level to wall through the front & into studs


July 7, 2011

painted border #2

Pottery Barn catalog circa early 2000’s inspired the following border (click on picture for larger view):

To view directions:

(brush:  no. 2 flat)  (colors pictured:  Folk Art 645 basil green, 413 pink, 633 baby pink)

June 23, 2011

gourmet display

Favorite restaurants & travel memories in one.  A personal & guest favorite in our kitchen.

Tips & ideas: 

  • using the same color matte helps to unify the grouping
  • similar picture content relaxes the eyes
  • two different frame colors make the piece not as predictable nor terribly inconsistent
  • climbing pictures up a wall close to the ceiling adds drama
  • fond memories bring out good moods
  • if picture placement is not your forte, try a kit like this* 
  • if you purchase frames, cut out paper to size to test arrangement on wall prior to creating holes


June 20, 2011

happy boards

Injecting a little happy in a room never hurts.  See a fabric that releases endorphins??  Maybe it’s perfect for this project:


  1. glue (basic white glue) rolled cork onto foam core (cut to frame size) – place heavy object on top while drying to prevent curling
  2. cut quilt padding 2″ wider than cork piece, use spray adhesive to adhere to front, pull padding around all sides, tape excess to back
  3. place fabric over top, pull taut all around, secure edges to backside with hot glue or tape
  4. put happy board in frame – voila!

 Additional tips: 

  • make sure the board is thick enough for tacks
  • add ribbons crisscross or straight
  • check fabric orientation prior to finishing step 3
June 17, 2011

sweet magnet board

Cheap, officy, yawner magnet board?  Or pretty cheap, ultra cute, & home wall worthy?  hmmmm……


  1. find right frame for room decor – pictured:  frame only (ie. no glass) at Hobby Lobby on a 50% off day
  2. locate a sheet metal shop for custom cut (our 22″x28″ ran $10)
  3. secure metal into frame
  4. attach to wall with appropriate hardware

Option 2:  purchase sheet metal piece at big box store, then find frame to size

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