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January 19, 2012

felt fan

The pretty purse below says, “I’m sophisticated yet whimsical, serious & functional yet playful…let’s go!”

For directions:   One pattern alteration ~ using different fabrics for pocket interiors.  When sewing all the layers together, double check the line-up of pockets on side seams.  The purse was incredibly thick but my basic 25 year old Kennmore sewing machine could handle the task.   

Cream corduroy, cotton purple flower print, grey felt & herringbone.  Plus two added embellishments:  lavender trim & a vinyl flower.  The trim & flower were added during the construction process, prior to sewing every layer together.

Lavender trim was secured with iron-on adhesive & tiny stitches with needle & thread.  The shiny cream flower is held in place with a sewn on button & with an embroidery straight stitch.

“Creativity comes from trust.  Trust your instincts.  And never hope more than you work.”  ~ Rita Mae Brown

August 9, 2011

pup purse

When my gramma was a young mommy, she sewed new clothes from old clothes as a necessity.  Now, it’s a craft with a hip name:  repurposing.

The bell bottom legs from jeans make great little party purses.  Find a sweet liner fabric, create an applique, & voila! 


  • combine different textures:  corduroy, ultra suede, cotton, prints, shiny buttons, ribbons, variegated thread, ric rac
  • use varying stitches:  outline some parts with blanket stitch, zig zag or straight stitch
  • an iron-on glue works best for attaching pieces prior to sewing
  • inject more cute with iron-on letters or embellishments 


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