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June 13, 2012

beet basics

Stuffed (dried apricots, bread crumbs, sage, cream, salt, pepper) grilled pork chops & potatoes, collard greens, & beets

It is time to give away the canned beets.

  • cut off the greens
  • place in covered casserole dish with 1/4 cup stock or water
  • microwave for 12-18 minutes
  • take a paper towel & gently rub off beet skin

Excellent plain, tossed with a vinaigrette, served on a salad, or with turkey & greens on crunchy bread…

“…roasted root vegetables, which most of us have discovered only recently, are, like, the greatest thing ever, & even the company cafeteria can’t ruin them.” ~ Mark Bittman

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