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August 25, 2011

magnet board +

The piece below has been in operation for nearly 8 years, moving from toddler to tween with ease.


  1. find a large frame (shown -thrift shop, $7) with approx. 3/8″ deep inset
  2. cut a piece of  1/4″ plywood to frame size
  3. attach french board portion using batting, fabric, ribbon, staple gun &  glue
  4. nail or glue separation wood strip or trim
  5. use construction adhesive (caulk gun tube) to adhere a piece of sheet metal (sized to remaining area) to plywood, make top edge flush to wood separation piece
  6. secure into frame, attach to wall – finished product is heavy!  Use appropriate hardware for a safe usage.


  • use wall space behind a door – floor to near ceiling
  • other possible combos – dry erase, bulletin board, bulldog clips
  • if ribbons get saggy, glue them at intersections & disguise with button, or use a deep, unmovable tack
June 20, 2011

happy boards

Injecting a little happy in a room never hurts.  See a fabric that releases endorphins??  Maybe it’s perfect for this project:


  1. glue (basic white glue) rolled cork onto foam core (cut to frame size) – place heavy object on top while drying to prevent curling
  2. cut quilt padding 2″ wider than cork piece, use spray adhesive to adhere to front, pull padding around all sides, tape excess to back
  3. place fabric over top, pull taut all around, secure edges to backside with hot glue or tape
  4. put happy board in frame – voila!

 Additional tips: 

  • make sure the board is thick enough for tacks
  • add ribbons crisscross or straight
  • check fabric orientation prior to finishing step 3
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