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February 26, 2013

special specs

Inspired by a BHG glasses case project:

2013 jan, feb 094

  • 7 inch felt square
  • 7 inch square of iron-on fusible webbing
  • fabric strips, ribbons, embroidery thread
  • Layer felt, fusible webbing, fabric strips.  Iron in place.

2013 jan, feb 079

Attach ribbon, finish top edge, add stitches as desired.

2013 jan, feb 091

Fold right sides together & machine stitch on side & bottom edge.  Dab a little fray-check on ribbon & embroidery thread edges, turn right-side out.

2013 jan, feb 097

2013 feb 018

2013 feb 011

“My grandmother is over eighty & still doesn’t need glasses.  Drinks right out of the bottle.”  ~ Henry Youngman

October 4, 2012

farm hugger

An addition to the coffee cozy repertoire…(search “coffee hugger” or click on similar tag below to see history..)

A mini replica of a friend’s farm to enhance hot beverage enjoyment!  First step:  make a crafty plan

Initial materials:  felt, embroidery thread, linen, 1/8″ black grosgrain ribbon, sparkly corduroy, buttons, black & off white vinyl, ultra suede, bead

The cute cow ended up being too tiny to make….but the poppies are perfect.

“If it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.”  ~ David Letterman

September 21, 2012

nook nook

A cute, simple way to house an e-reader.

  • felt – wide enough for the e-reader, long enough for mattress weight to keep it in place
  • coordinating room fabric for front pocket
  • use iron-on interfacing to make fabric pocket sturdy
  • hem the top of pocket, fold under side & bottom edges, sew onto felt on hanging side
  • cut small slit in back for the charger to thread through

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as  often.” ~ Mark Twain

March 21, 2012

ham? hmmm…

Kids = specialness.  Here is a coffee cozy design by one such kiddo…

The original drawing:

Design delivery:

To most, the only thing that makes sense…is that it makes no sense!  …”You know, HAM…Hamster??!!!”

However, following through on an imaginative drawing gives completion satisfaction & dream realization.  Hopefully giving encouragement to continue being curious & creative.

Plus, project process involving materials, placement & color decisions exercise the brain, too.  And it makes a great birthday present for Daddy!

“When a thing is funny, search it for a hidden truth.”  ~ George Bernard Shaw

March 9, 2012

glue wars

The good news & the bad news:  Beacon’s Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive is SO STICKY.

Craft lesson of the day:  When using both iron-on adhesive & glue…apply the iron-on first!!

  1. go 1980’s & pick a vintage text with iron-on letters
  2. glue on shiny ric-rac
  3. need more directions or examples?  click on the java hugger tag below

Can you guess what happens if a person glues first?…  One or both of the following:  the glue goes back to liquid state & seeps through everywhere, &/or the glue disengages entirely leaving dried glue excrement on project.

No worries!  She turned out super cute.

“The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness.  Think of your three best friends.  If they’re okay, then it’s you.”  ~ Rita Mae Brown

March 2, 2012

lucky hugger

March calls for a green themed coffee cozy!

(find the lucky hugger in my Etsy Shop)

Iron-on letters are super easy & up the cute-factor.  Materials:  light grey felt, fat spring green ric-rac, green & grey embroidery thread, green batik fabric, rhinestone letters (bingo queen left-overs)


  1. cut felt to cozy size (use cardboard sleeve as pattern)
  2. use iron-on adhesive to attach ric-rac, add decorative straight stitch
  3. iron-on rhinestone letters following package directions – cozy above reads “lucky me”
  4. cut liner fabric using felt as pattern (check orientation!) 3/8 inch wider on top & bottom
  5. fold & press top & bottom edges, attach felt to liner using iron-on adhesive
  6. blanket stitch bottom edge green, top grey
  7. pin to cup size & secure with blanket & straight stitches

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,

May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

~Irish Blessing

February 16, 2012

custom hugger

A friend requested a KC Royals coffee sleeve…

Starting with Royal’s colors & a preliminary pattern sketch:

The end result was a bit different as the big cursive letters were intimidating.  Plus, the hugger HAD to have a crown!

Attach the interior print, then fit to size & finish.

Play ball!

For additional instructions or ideas, click the “java hugger” tag below.  Check out my etsy shop, too:

February 10, 2012

heart hugger

Cheers to the hot drink lovers out there…

Made for a sweet friend, the two directions given were:  1.  favorite color is red, & 2. “I can’t commit to any words”…  As it turns out, giving creative license worked.  Whew!

Materials:  dark grey felt, sparkly red vinyl, red ric-rac, rich red small print cotton, & variegated embroidery thread.


  1. cut felt to sleeve size using cardboard pattern
  2. pin on ric-rac, sew
  3. stitch heart onto felt with light grey embroidery thread, covering ric-rac edge
  4. cut red cotton print 1/2″ wider on top & bottom edge – use completed heart hugger turned upside down on right side of red cotton as pattern
  5. fold under edges to match hugger, cut piece of iron-on adhesive, iron all pieces together
  6. blanket stitch top & bottom edges
  7. fit to size of coffee cup, pin, blanket stitch with black embroidery thread.

Total project time:  approximately 2 hours.  Less than half the time of previous java huggers with letters.

My friend’s heart hugger was so fun to make that I’ve made a couple more & posted them on Etsy.

Along with the other 13,000 coffee sleeves…

February 3, 2012

valentine runner

Glittery raspberry ric-rac paired with grey for lovely Valentine table wear:

First, spread out all materials.

After experimenting with all different combinations, simplicity ruled.  Three shades of grey felt cut into 17″ x 14.5″ rectangles, set in symmetrical layout:

Overlap the felt edges & use iron-on adhesive strip to attach together.  Test the ric-rac at seam intervals:

Test on the table prior to gluing…grand idea…wish I would’ve done that because the felt rectangles were too even steven.  Approximately 5″ was removed from the two medium greys.

Attach  the reverse side (grey herringbone) by putting right sides together & sewing all around perimeter minus one short side.  Turn right side out, press, tuck in open edges, pin, pin all around, & zig-zag topstitch.

Press & enjoy!

January 27, 2012

landscape hugger

I may have to join over-crafters anonymous.  The panoramic hugger below was super fun to make:

Start with house placement, using different textures & stitches…

Add trees, french knot flowers, roof details, tiny doors, bead handles.  Last, add more trees & clouds…

Finish with a print fabric on reverse, green grass on lower edge & blue sky up top.

“I think an example is the best thing you can leave behind.”  ~ Warren Buffett

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