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October 30, 2012

plate pedestal

Search & rescue forlorn small plates & candle holders at your favorite thrift store or home.  The following eight items cost $4.50.

To make a couple specimens dark & creepy, paint the candle holder (these were not glass or ceramic) a metallic gray.   Then, with an adhesive product, (make sure it works with the materials!) secure plate to pedestal.

Be patient during drying & curing!  Trust me.

The next two are anytime of the year cuties.  Use them to hold small items – keys, paper clips –  or display seasonal goodies.  Raised objects save linear space & lend visual interest.

Fun is… fake rodents & spiders on Halloween….one never knows where they may lurk around here…

October 10, 2012

square scare

Last year, the wreath rotator adorned the front door.  This year, the same feather boa attached to a wooden frame (25 cents, thrift store).

The word “attach” used very loosely…

Black thread + scotch tape + feather boa = new wreath

It’s suppose to be scary…

October 27, 2011

spider runner

No live or dead spiders were actually used for the following project. 

Left-over formal black glittery velvet found at a thrift store transformed into a table runner!  The geometric pattern pieced together made a continuous design on the entire piece.  Very spideresque – eh?  Random pieces of black cotton were used for the backing & a zig-zag top-stitch sewed all around the perimeter.

The runner can also be used for New Year’s or “dark” birthdays…  But for Halloween, add web-like accessories like this silver bowl (yes, thrift shop purchase!):

Now, I need to enlist a crafty kid to make some egg carton spiders to crawl about…

Spiders Made Out of Egg Cartons


October 21, 2011

spooky silhouette

October 2010, either Better Homes & Gardens or Family Circle magazine displayed a front door trick to try.  All it took was black poster board (Dollar Tree 2 for $1) & tape.  We followed the template idea offered in the magazine:

Since our door gets hot, the tape unstuck a bit & the poster board “grew”.  Freaky.  We used a combination of scotch tape & black electrical tape.

Maybe you want to trick-out your own front door with an original Halloween design?  We’re leaning toward bats, a broomstick & a witch hat for 2011…

“A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.” 

~ Erma Bombeck

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