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February 8, 2012

tweet tray

Say “tweet tray” 5x fast.

Being a huge fan of trays, it is hard to pass one up at the thrift shop ($1).  The perfect specimen for decoupage.

UGH!  That is one of the few ugly flowers on earth.  Rescue supplies:  glue + water, scrapbook paper, exacto knife, styrofoam bowl & foam brush

Cut & piece the paper to fit, spread glue evenly on tray & paper, top coat 3x with glue + water or store bought decoupage.

Tray in ACTION…before:



“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”   ~Albert Einstein

November 22, 2011

box magic

Well, it’s not really magic, but “cardboard box organizing” = dull.  Skip the pricey containers & look to your kitchen or around the house for empty boxes to organize goods.

  • 1# butter box standing upright & placed in the car console for pens & pencils
  • cereal boxes with the opening tapped shut, laid on their side with the top side cut out – put a few side by side in a desk drawer for organizing papers 
  • empty kleenex box in bathroom to stuff grocery sacks for the waste basket
  • box in a box strategy for separating items or boxes in a crate for same idea

“Thanks to my mother, not a single cardboard box has found its way back into society.  We receive gifts in boxes from stores that went out of business twenty years ago.” 

~ Erma Bombeck

September 19, 2011

ribbon hanger

Pick an inconspicuous door for posting classwork, invitations, snapshots or art.  Attach a ribbon to the inside of the door & drape it over the outside.  Use any sort of clip or clothes pin for hanging.

  • a cinch to trade out pieces of art
  • use different ribbons or clips for holidays
  • add up to three ribbons for Christmas card display
  • group similar pieces (ie. all b/w photos) for an artsy look
September 1, 2011

supply headquarters

Storage is the name of the game to help keep the rest of the house in order.  The shelves in the basement below hold office goods, craft supplies, & miscellaneous material for unknown future projects. 

  • notches cut out of the plywood shelf create ‘book ends’ with the studs which have proved very useful when organizing
  • L brackets screw into the studs for support
  • additional wood supports were secured to the studs running perpendicular & under some shelves 
  • set up the area like a retail store
  • utilize space as far up as safe & possible
July 19, 2011

knob job

Have any old wooden levels collecting dust?  Wainscoting pieces, table leaves, old boards, etc.?  Attach knobs or hooks for instant vertical storage with character.

  Supplies for pictured project:

  • old wooden level (found at antique store)
  • 5 crystal knobs
  • five 3/4″ metal bushings
  • five 2″ screws (length depends on thickness of level)
  • two 3″ (length could vary) brass wood screws


  1. determine knob placement, drill pilot holes
  2. thread screw through knob, then bushing, then screw into level (squirt a dab of wood glue in hole for added strength)
  3. secure level to wall through the front & into studs


June 15, 2011

inside job

Door seeking strong hinges.  Using the unseen side of a door as storage or message posting makes great use of vertical square footage.

  • attach cork stripes with double-sided tape
  • hang magnet &/or bulletin board (hollow doors require an anchor)
  • use s-hooks for keys or hanging whatever
  • heavy-duty magnetic clips for papers
  • over the door shoe storage for hats, scarves, mittens (transparent = easy find)
  • over the door pockets for toys, doll clothes, accessories

“Your dwelling is a physical manifestation of your psyche; changes to the home reflect changes to the self.”  ~ Carl Jung

June 7, 2011

accordion action

Uses for accordion folders:

  • monthly receipts
  • paper bill keeper
  • coupon sorter
  • children’s paper project storage
  • art keepsake portfolio
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