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November 26, 2013

candy bouquet

Make a darling, edible bouquet….especially popular with kids & tweens!

candy bouquet 023

The above pictured arrangement cost $5.  Visit the local dollar store for fake flowers & real candy.

candy bouquet 003

Arrange your candy of choice into “flowers”.  Use a hot glue gun to adhere the candy onto the bouquet.

candy bouquet 004

The candy makes the flowers heavy, so (if needed) give the stems support with packing tape.  Then wrap up the bouquet with sturdy cellophane or tissue paper, secure with frilly ribbon.

candy bouquet 014

“All you need is love.  But a little chocolate now & then doesn’t hurt.”  ~ Charles M. Schulz
November 1, 2011

candy crunch

What’s really scary on the 31st?  Candy haul management!  “Mom, can I have a piece of candy?”…2 minutes 14 seconds later…”Mom, can I have this laffy taffy?”…”Mom?…”  !!!!!!!!

Munch on these ideas:

  • pick your favorite 2 dozen & eat them whenever you want
  • send left-over candy to the office or any office!
  • sequester a few favorites for wintertime milkshakes
  • do experiments with the candy:
  • learn barter & exchange skills with friends via candy auctioning
  • make crafts with the wrappers
  • save for gingerbread houses

“All the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911.”  ~ Lewis Black

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