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March 16, 2012

kid mailbox

Rescue an ugly wooden crafty item:

& transform it into a sweet project:

  • remove front decoration
  • prime box, paint – off white glossy shown

  • spray paint metal decoration – flat black shown
  • let everything dry for a day
  • re-attach black decoration
  • place “address” (birthday) numbers – Hobby Lobby self-adhesive, approx. 1″, .99 cents/each

got mail?

January 24, 2012

surface medley

Work or play spaces need areas on which to write or draw.  The more options, the better!  Try:

Plexiglass on top of a desk (very high usage & super fun!), in a frame on the wall, or no frame & on the wall.

Mirrors…  And of course, the classic chalkboard:

Portable outlets inspire creativity, too:  small dry erase boards (cheap & travel well), clipboards, computer tablets, spiral notebooks

“We understand that you can’t transform people who don’t have internal drive & desire to create.  But we also know it doesn’t work to urge people to think outside the box without giving them the tools to climb out.”  ~ Laurie Dunnavant

September 23, 2011

chalk talk

Revisiting the chalkboard in the home idea today.  The first post regarding chalkboards can be found in the ‘wall works’ category or here:

Not sure what we’d do without our kitchen chalkboard!  They’re also super fun in kids’ rooms:

To find cute chalkboard options in the Kansas City area, try Vintage Market in Zona Rosa, Found (Parkville), Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.  Of course, there’s always the option to make your own!  Go to the link above for general instructions.

August 25, 2011

magnet board +

The piece below has been in operation for nearly 8 years, moving from toddler to tween with ease.


  1. find a large frame (shown -thrift shop, $7) with approx. 3/8″ deep inset
  2. cut a piece of  1/4″ plywood to frame size
  3. attach french board portion using batting, fabric, ribbon, staple gun &  glue
  4. nail or glue separation wood strip or trim
  5. use construction adhesive (caulk gun tube) to adhere a piece of sheet metal (sized to remaining area) to plywood, make top edge flush to wood separation piece
  6. secure into frame, attach to wall – finished product is heavy!  Use appropriate hardware for a safe usage.


  • use wall space behind a door – floor to near ceiling
  • other possible combos – dry erase, bulletin board, bulldog clips
  • if ribbons get saggy, glue them at intersections & disguise with button, or use a deep, unmovable tack
July 7, 2011

painted border #2

Pottery Barn catalog circa early 2000’s inspired the following border (click on picture for larger view):

To view directions:

(brush:  no. 2 flat)  (colors pictured:  Folk Art 645 basil green, 413 pink, 633 baby pink)

May 20, 2011

nifty clipboards

An easy, inexpensive, purposeful project to tie room colors (space pictured: blues, greens, black/gray/cream) together:


  1. cut paper to clipboard size
  2. decoupage paper to clipboard allowing to dry thoroughly prior to use
  3. thread coordinating ribbon for hanging
May 16, 2011

bulldog clip art display

Kids’ artwork is amazing.  We now have a special spot for hanging the masterpieces.   Putting up and taking down art is a cinch, plus it has a modern, timeless look.   


  1. cut and paint boards of your choice (shown:  glossy cream on primed .5″ thick, 1.5″ tall wood (found at Home Depot))
  2. nail the boards to the wall into studs, sink the nails, fill the holes and touch up with paint
  3. screw bulldog clips into the boards (hint:  use blue tape to figure out where to place the clips prior to drilling holes) 
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