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September 21, 2012

nook nook

A cute, simple way to house an e-reader.

  • felt – wide enough for the e-reader, long enough for mattress weight to keep it in place
  • coordinating room fabric for front pocket
  • use iron-on interfacing to make fabric pocket sturdy
  • hem the top of pocket, fold under side & bottom edges, sew onto felt on hanging side
  • cut small slit in back for the charger to thread through

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as  often.” ~ Mark Twain

April 25, 2012

clean sweep

Kids’ rooms…what a task to maintain!  Typically, no one likes to get them in order…   What works depends on the day.  Over the years, we’ve attempted many strategies:

  • create a checklist, then reward with a prize after everything’s checked (normally not a fan of this tactic, but when everyone loathes the chore a treat motivates)
  • choices:  “Do you want to clean your room today by yourself?  Or clean your room with mommy’s help?”  “You can clean your room this morning OR clean your room AND wash the dishes!”  “Would you like to clean under your bed or pick 5 things to give away?”
  • pay for giveaway items –  “25 cents for each item you pick to donate to the thrift shop.”
  • set a timer & have a pick-up race
  • assign cleaning in a sibling’s room as a consequence  – didn’t to x daily chore = 5 minutes picking up in sibling’s room

Once complete, the benefits are great.

  • seems like there’s more oxygen
  • clean room = play in the rooms more!
  • occasionally, kids conclude they have too much stuff, the mental antidote to stuffitis
  • open space = room for new play

“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”  ~ Abraham Maslow

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