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June 21, 2012

paper dolls

A creative, imaginative toy for over 200 years!  Several resources are available online for virtual play, or turn it into the real deal by printing doll templates on card stock.

Find outfit & accessory inspiration from magazines or fashion websites.  Materials include scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, foil, yarn, ribbon, thread, rhinestones, glitter, markers, & beads.  Make tabs to hold the clothes onto the doll or use scotch tape.

Additional ideas include making a closet with paper or cardboard for storing, opening “stores” with themes then buying & selling with friends, & giving as gifts for parties or to stay in touch with long distance friends.

“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.”
~ Frank Capra
January 2, 2012

mini comps

A cute, inexpensive project for kids & adults ~ creating paper covers for composition notebooks.  Three packs of miniatures can be found at dollar stores.

Applique the fronts & backs with a scene, words or use the paper design print as inspiration:


Or, simply cut the paper into different shapes or use strips for design:

The “M” above is an iron-on rhinestone applique.  Typically done on fabric & it works the same on paper (intense attention given during ironing!).

Creative credit for above notebooks goes to the two kiddos who live here!

“Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.”  ~Roger Lewin


August 5, 2011

party runner

One could use junky dollar store crepe paper items, or…select unique wrapping or craft paper to create special decorations.  

The runner pictured was made with a shiny silver paper made by Hallmark.  Purchasing high quality paper is worth the price as it is durable & has a grid on the reverse for perfectly straight lines.  Other tips:

  • measure the table surfaces before making the decorations
  • use the invitation for coordinating design
  • try different materials – the vines pictured are creamy vinyl, hearts a red sparkly vinyl, orange is craft paper
  • rubber cement = bumpless finish
  • roll the runner on a cardboard tube for transporting & storage
  • incorporate fresh flowers on party day…imagine white mums & orange roses in pictured tulip vases


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