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October 21, 2011

spooky silhouette

October 2010, either Better Homes & Gardens or Family Circle magazine displayed a front door trick to try.  All it took was black poster board (Dollar Tree 2 for $1) & tape.  We followed the template idea offered in the magazine:

Since our door gets hot, the tape unstuck a bit & the poster board “grew”.  Freaky.  We used a combination of scotch tape & black electrical tape.

Maybe you want to trick-out your own front door with an original Halloween design?  We’re leaning toward bats, a broomstick & a witch hat for 2011…

“A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.” 

~ Erma Bombeck

August 5, 2011

party runner

One could use junky dollar store crepe paper items, or…select unique wrapping or craft paper to create special decorations.  

The runner pictured was made with a shiny silver paper made by Hallmark.  Purchasing high quality paper is worth the price as it is durable & has a grid on the reverse for perfectly straight lines.  Other tips:

  • measure the table surfaces before making the decorations
  • use the invitation for coordinating design
  • try different materials – the vines pictured are creamy vinyl, hearts a red sparkly vinyl, orange is craft paper
  • rubber cement = bumpless finish
  • roll the runner on a cardboard tube for transporting & storage
  • incorporate fresh flowers on party day…imagine white mums & orange roses in pictured tulip vases


June 27, 2011


Anticipation & party preparation is half the fun.  To simplify decorations, create classy, cute reusable linens & pennant streamers:

A project for any holiday that conserves resources & relieves right brain energies.  Plus, engaging in traditions solidifies family connections.


  1. decide on runner & napkin size, & pennant quantity 
  2. have fun searching for fabrics!  (3 or 5 or 7 different yet coordinating – the yardage depends on #1, typically 1/2 to 1 yard per fabric will do, with runner requiring more)
  3. cut & hem runner & napkins
  4. for pennant streamers purchase ribbon or rope/cording – think about where the streamers may go, measure accordingly to calculate how much to purchase
  5. cut fabrics into triangles or diamonds (same size or varied) with pinking shears
  6. place & space pennant triangles on ribbon, fold ribbon over flat edge & sew (the ribbon width will be halved for this method)
  7. OR,  fold diamond over ribbon or cord & sew on to ribbon or right next to cord (using zipper foot)
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